About us

We are saint in suit. In fact every professional is possibly saint in suit.

Innovation is driving the present day knowledge economy. Effective and optimized management of the innovation is the factor that determines success of a business. In the fast convoluting business environment, merely picking up independent and mutually exclusive parameters and optimizing them is just not sufficient for smart business decision making. Companies often take such decisions and thus make it a practice in managing innovation, where, Business, Technology and Legal side of innovation management has minimum or no interface with each other.

At ProdyoVidhi, our aim is to help businesses in managing and creating intellectual property (IP) and provide comprehensive IP solutions for every aspect of conducting business in the knowledge economy. While, ProdyoVidhi provides conventional IP rights management services such as patents, industrial designs, copyrights and trademarks, ProdyoVidhi also provides value added services and products that complement conventional innovation management to help making strategic and smart, research and investments decisions. The value added service and products include: Invention Harvesting, Technology Forecasting, Enforcement Strategies, Business Intelligence, Market Research, Training and Awareness, Data Analytics, Legal Research etc. Thus ProdyoVidhi is a Techno-Legal management consulting company.

We serve innovative companies safeguard their Intellectual Property, Law firms service their clients better and R&D units innovate with ease. Our experience includes helping our clients make judicious decision in PCT filing of patent application, Madrid protocol Trademark filing support and Copyrights Protection.

Our name – ProdyoVidhi – is derived from the ancient Indian language – Sanskrit. The word part Prodyo comes from ‘Prodyogiki’ which means ‘Technology’ and the second word part Vidhi is means ‘Law’. We at ProdyVidhi represents the perfect blend of Technology and Law. Our human capital contains blend of technocrats who are lawyers and practitioner for at least a decade.

More about ProdyoVidhi

Who we are?

ProdyoVidhi Consulting is an IPR strategy consulting company offering services on Creating, protecting, managing and monetizing IP.

What we do?

We help our clients become more innovative, globally competitive and legally savvy regarding IP creation, management & monetization.

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals with technical and legal qualifications and decade + experience in the domain.