Digital transformation


New business order requires working differently. If a company wants to stay relevant, exist now and for future and grow the organization culture needs to adopt to this new work environment.

The world is changing at a fast pace, your business needs to mould itself accordingly. IT implementation or digital transformation is not just a need for the hour it is also an opportunity for charting the future growth opportunity for the business.

We help our clients with each possible level of the implementation e.g. activities, processes, competencies. We help define the strategy, we execute the same with our clients and we manage the same on a need basis.

Digital Strategy

A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. We help our clients define their digital strategy. Identify their current capabilities and the possibilities and opportunities new technologies offer. Based on these analysis we define how you can be future ready.

Be it improving your abilities to reach out to your current and prospective customers or suppliers and day to day operations. We at 3TS reuse the existing resources and may advise you to take some additional resource only after a cost benefit analysis. We advise you on best practices in specific areas and snugly fit your processes to leverage business benefits. Strategy creation should be inline with your growth vision and potential. Once the plan is in place, its game time.

Strategy Execution

Only constant in the world is, ‘Change’. And we all know how much people fear change. The fear is about the insecurity that creeps in with adoption of digital methods. Our executives are trained well to tame this fear and help your crew understand the advantages of the new road ahead. We at 3TS equip people with skills and competency such that your organization may not be able to resist Change.

There are many technology and solutions available in the market. We help you identify the best and help you implement the same.

IT implementation

We have done successful Information Technology implementations. We know what it takes to institutionalize the change, take the leap and make it work for organizations. Our strategy and digital transformation services are aimed at helping you achieve measurable business value intrinsic and extrinsic by selecting right solution and implementing it in time.

We are partners of ERPNext, an open source ERP solution. It is a solution used by many SMEs and family owned businesses in many parts of the world. We can implement this solution in your organization. Additionally we aid organizations to evaluate solutions based on specific business requirements.

We decided to partner ERP Next as implementation partners for

  • Its wide open source community support.
  • Its Dynamic and go getter team.
  • Quick implementation cycle.
  • Essential modules for wide range of industries.

Reach out to us for assessing your current capabilities and for IT implementation.

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