Business growth


Many a times, the question an SME or family owned business must ask is not how to grow? The question to ask if why is the company is at this same place? Many a times, the answer lies within, the way organization functions may restrict the growth potential.

Have you ever observed – how much is the growth rate of your overall industry? What is your growth rate? If you have not asked these questions – the time is right. Question yourself, or contact us, we will help you out with not only identification of growth potential in your company but also help you grow. We put our thinking hats within organization and outside too.

Operations analytics

Data driven decision making is the mantra for an efficient organization.

Once your operations are streamlined with our Process re-engineering services, possibly you have transformed your organization with specific IT solutions we can help you collect data for operations improvement with our operations analytics services. If you choose to work without us on process re-engineering, we will need to prepare ground work to get running. We define when, where and how to collect right dataset for analysing your existing operations.

Once an organization has accepted the change and gone ahead with their digital transformation journey, the ground work is done on which it can build now. We aid organization reveal “black holes” thereby bringing back the moolah. Every process from inception to delivery can be a potential candidate for improvements. For an instance, helping a client generate and manage lead to project delivery we are touching every part of their business. We are helping this client in tracking the overall project delivery with few clicks. 3TS can help you even when you have no data collection methods in place currently, please refer our Digital Transformation section.

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics for Top line growth

You may be creating enough data right now, yet you may not be churning enough or at all to grow your topline. We help you ideate and execute your plans for the next quarter and next years too.

We have at our disposal the new OIL (Data) to analyze and fuel your growth journey. Every process that you have in your organization connects to Customer directly or indirectly. Our aim at 3TS is to make you technologically strong which assists you in quick decision making. For instance a report or statistics on customers asking for a product or service which currently you are not offering and thus loosing on new business. We are advising a client on what Lead generation technique should they use based on the conversion ratio which our platform is aptly recording for the client.

Need help on the business growth services reach out to us.