Business Consulting


We have divided our Business Consulting practice in two sections, namely; Business process re-engineering and business solution design.

Business Process Re-engineering

Identifying and fine tuning the nuances in your processes help you put on growth trajectory, this is our proficiency, just unfold your processes to experts like 3TS.

An old adage goes something like “no need to reinvent the wheel”. But we are with slightly different attitude, we believe we can improve what we are doing currently without losing the soul of activity. At 3TS we have the skills and an eye for finding the blockages in your processes, rework those and eventually improve your productivity. With your mission and vision in mind, we employ tools, methodologies, technology and our knowledge to reduce your costs and improve output.

Business Solution Design

Each problem comes with its own set of opportunities. Practical solutions for practical problems benefits businesses in the long run.

Sometimes quick fixes to issues are best found by the people working in and on it. That shall help the organization in short term, however these becomes a continuous affair of firefighting and regular quick fixes. You want us to help you solutionize so that such issues do not recur and build a framework to tackle such obstacles without affecting your daily activities.

Solutions to business problems need not necessarily be with your processes. Lot can be resolved by our approach towards the challenges. We at 3TS helped client to resolve a challenge within their organization by a very simple approach.