Our approach

Each project is unique and therefore requires unique approach for execution. However, we try to balance between the uniqueness and predictability by following some larger approach and guidelines for making project roadmap and milestones. The following approach shows a big picture of how we plan and execute our projects. The processes in each of the milestone differs depending on industry, organization readiness, type of industry and the problem that we are solving.


Management Representation and Project Objective

Best corporate culture often trickle down from the Top. While you intend to bring in a positive change in organization, its best to start from the Top. This can be shown by appointing a representative from Management for seeing this initiative through. 3TS along with the management representative defines the goals of the project and communicates to the stakeholders. Effective communication of what each stakeholder is responsible in this brings in a sense of accountability and security which helps in seeing the smooth execution of organization vision to reality.

As-Is Process review and Best practice discussion

Let us first understand what you are doing and the pain points in what you are doing. Once we achieve the clarity of your current practices, we map it to the industry best practices. We identify the bottlenecks and mitigate those with the industry wide best practices for similar businesses.


Process finalization and base data collection

We collect information in terms of data which facilitates us in providing an optimal solution for your process bottlenecks. This stage is where we go back to our drawing boards with the facts and figures collected to work on a solution for your pain points with either course correction on processes or via technology that suits your long term vision.

Trial system setup and testing

We are ready with a plan to eliminate your pain points identified in the previous stage. Let us go ahead and put to action the fixes on a pilot basis to have leeway and tweak the solution if required before going all out.


User testing

Now that system is functioning as planned, let us train the users on solution and make them aware of how to make the system work for them. A user trained on the system is effective in extracting the maximum benefits from the system than an untrained one.

Go live, feedback and monitoring

It’s time to hit the road running!! Evaluation of the system and how we can improve further is what is keeps us motivated. Collect data from the processes identified and compare with your previous results to understand the difference achieved by implementing the solution.